Mining and Aggregates

From construction aggregates to bauxite mining operations, AeroAnalytics helps improve operational efficiency and safety by allowing site managers to accurately calculate stockpile volumes, design and monitor haul roads, plan blasts, and more. We use PropellerAero's cloud-based data platform to improve communication between onsite staff and the head office while at the same time keeping stakeholders involved and up to date.

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AeroAnalytics is at the forefront of UAV use for telecommunication tower inspections. We have worked with the world's leading telecom providers and infrastructure managers to develop, implement, and scale the use of small unmanned aerial systems for faster, safer, and more efficient inspections.


Civil Contracting

AeroAnalytics helps civil contractors stay on track and on budget by providing quick and accurate topo surveys and 3D models of active sites. Our technology makes frequent surveys of work sites feasible and affordable, allowing designers and project managers to keep track of progress from start to completion, as well as creating a visual audit trail for resolving potential disputes.

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By combining cutting-edge drone technology with ground-breaking machine learning models, AeroAnalytics is capable of delivering fast, accurate inspections of solar equipment, wind generators, pipelines, and more. We have worked with some of the world's most innovative utilities companies to develop and implement preventative maintenance programs as well as automated asset management and site monitoring systems.


Waste Management

AeroAnalytics helps landfill managers and staff complete accurate topo surveys, calculate cell airspace, monitor capped sites, and manage compliance reporting. With our trained pilots and top-of-the-line hardware, usable site data can be collected for fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods, all while avoiding the safety risks that accompany site walks over hazardous areas.


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